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Blog: The vision is clear

3rd February 2012

The sports consultancy side of DKS Sport has been busy, They have recently been asked to assist the exciting new goggle brand into the UK, and as you can see they look rather fetching, we think they will be soon a common sight on the Motocross tracks in the UK and Europe, with colours to suit every taste, options for tear-off lenses and zip-off film systems, they really are not to be missed.
If you looking to be be seen in the new EKS X Brand goggles and to follow the top names in Motorcross then look up there you will find all the details prices and links to the new dealers. With a few top names in the British championships motocross already wearing the goggles is a sure sign they are worth a look. It would be wrong not to mention the likes of Scott Nicholls and Joe Screen who will be putting the goggles through their paces in the fast and furious world of Elite League Speedway. ( coverage by SKY TV )

While you looking on the site have a look at the new sporting underwear !!! sure to raise a few eyebrows. Again there is much choice and colours for both male and female athletes it will soon be adorned by many a young trend-setter.

Young Dominic is fully fit and back on the bike as you can see, his recovery has been slow but now with the support from its looking like a good season ahead of him, the new 2012 Beta machine suits his style and we are all fully behind him as he sets out to conquer the British youth championships, his travels will take him all over the UK with an exciting event on the Isle of Man the season will be long and hard.

We are developing a new service to professional athletes for their fitness and Zone training with the skills of NLP, Hypnotherapy, coaching and Sports Psychology, please keep a look of for future news as this develops.

Its been a tough few weeks with setting up the new website, linkedin and twitter profiles all to match but we think we are there ? please pop over for a look and let us know

We must mention some of the people to have helped us to spread our wings into the different sporting sectors, as your aware we are involved in the Motorcycle world both on and off-road racing, Equine and more recently Car and Kart racing,

so a big thank you to

Kathryn Sassall
Peter French

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